About Us

Northstar Search and Rescue (NSAR) was founded in 1989 as a 501(c)3, IRS recognized, non-profit, charitable organization. We bring our skills and experience to assist law enforcement in finding and recovering missing persons.

Northstar relies on members that can dedicate their time and resources to the training required to be a professional resource.

Since Northstar is a non-profit, we rely solely on private and corporate donations to enable us to continue to respond to searches. On average, a member spends $3,000.00 a year to participate in SAR. Donations are greatly appreciated. 

Northstar is also active in the community. We conduct educational programs directed toward preventing children and others from becoming lost, as well as, informing them of the best actions to take should they become lost.

minnesota K9 northstar search and rescue

Northstar K-9 Teams: 

Our K-9 teams are trained in urban, wilderness and water search techniques. Each team is responsible for their training and education as we strive to be up to date with the latest in operational procedures. 

K-9's used for SAR need to have the physical ability and innate drive to complete the work. Due to the wilderness areas common to Minnesota searches, we recommend using a dog of sporting, working, or herding breed types, although purebred dogs are not required.