Northstar Search and Rescue provides safety presentations on various wilderness safety topics for children as well as adults. The two programs we use and recommend are:

  • Lost but Found, Safe and Sound

  • Hug a Tree and Survive 

We believe that these programs embody great interactive tools to enhance safety awareness in the woods and these programs also teach children how to prevent getting lost and what to do should they become lost. 

Hug a Tree and Survive

The goal of this program is to teach four basic messages:

  • How to not become lost in the woods

  • What to do if you do become lost

  • How not to come to harm in the woods

  • How you can help searchers to find you if you do become lost

This program also teaches children invaluable outdoor survival lessons including:

  • Always tell an adult where you are going.

  • Always carry an orange garbage bag and whistle on picnics, hikes, and camping trips.

  • Once you know you're lost, "hug a tree," and stay put. 

  • Make a face hole in your garbage bag and put it over your head to keep warm and dry.

  • Help searchers find you by blowing your whistle and by answering their calls. 

Program highlights include:

  • Informative and engaging video

  • First aid demonstration 

  • Handouts summarize the program and explain to adults what to do if a child becomes lost

  • Search dog demonstration 

This program is suitable for children ages 6-10.