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There are a variety of legacy gifts to choose from which benefits your own finances your loved ones and Northstar Search and Rescue.  It’s always recommended that you consult an estate planning attorney or financial advisor for a clear explanation of how each strategy would benefit you directly.  To help you get started, we have listed gift strategies to match specific goals.


Goal- Minimize impact on your bank account while maximizing your missions vision.

Goal- To protect my assets, loved ones and advance my charitable cause.

Goal- Avoid Probate Court

Goal- Minimize my estate tax.

Goal- Getting started with my estate planning.


Strategy Guide- Make Northstar Search and Rescue your beneficiary of your financial and retirement accounts is easy and free.

  • Creating a will would be monetarily minimal and transferring land or real estate to Northstar SAR can also be at a minimal cost to you.

Strategy Guide- An estate plan often includes a will or trust with up to date beneficiary designations on all financial accounts.  This would ensure everyone in your circle, including your favorite charity are cared for.

Strategy Guide- By having a Trust, rather than a Will, helps you avoid probate, your trustee time, and your estate money.

Strategy Guide- Establishing a trust can greatly reduce estate taxes, especially a Charitable Lead Trust, and gifting your largest assets (such as real estate, collectables, and mineral interests) to the charity can greatly reduce your estate tax liabilities.

Strategy Guide- Contact us for assistance with this process and request our free estate planner guide and get started today.

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