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Chief Diane & K9 Deacon

Chief Diane Stefanick has been involved with Northstar Search and Rescue for more than 15 years. She and her K-9 partner, Deacon are certified in HRD and Tracking/Trailing. 

R Butterfield & K9 Bosco Fall 2017.jpg

Deputy Chief Ross & K9 Bosco

Deputy Chief Ross Butterfield has been involved with Northstar Search and Rescue for more than seven years. He and his K-9 partner, Bosco are certified in Tracking/Trailing. 

Heath & K9 Sophie and Cinder 2017.JPG

Captain Heath and K9s Cinder and Sophie

Heath is certified with K-9 Cinder in Tracking/Trailing and K-9 Sophie in HRD.


Captain Joan & K9s Scout and Astor

Joan joined Northstar in 2018. Her K9 Scout is training in Tracking/Trailing and her K9 Astor is certified in HRD.


Sergeant Lisa & K9 Thunder

Lisa Meadows is SAR Tech II certified and a handler for K9 Thunder. She has a B.S. in meteorology and provides forecasts for Northstar training and searches.


Kjerstin & K9 Rose

KJ joined Northstar in 2019 and her K9 Rose is certified in HRD.


Nick & K9s Liberty and Hope

Nick joined the team in 2019 and his K9s Hope and Libby are certified in HRD.

Patti & K9 Renegade

Patti joined in 2021 and her K9 Renegade is certified in Tracking/Trailing.

Brooke & Laura & K9 Rosie

Brooke & Laura joined in 2022. Their K9 Rosie is training in HRD.


Missy joined Northstar in 2021.


Michelle joined Northstar in 2022.

Sergeant TJ

Captain TJ joined Northstar in 2020. He is a certified diver.

Lieutenant Trish

Lieutenant Trish is the point of contact and Base Command for Northstar.


Andrea & K9 Oliver

Andrea joined Northstar Search and Rescue in 2020. Her K9 Oliver is certified in Tracking/Trailing.

Dan & K9 Senna

Dan joined Northstar in 2020 and his K9 Senna is training in tracking/trailing.

Rick & K9s Ellie and Koosah

Rick joined in 2022. His K9 Ellie is certified in Area Scent Detection. His K9 Koosah is training in tracking/trailing.

Natalie & K9s Winnie and Orion

Natalie joined in 2022. Her K9 Winnie is training in Tracking/Trailing. Her K9 Orion is training in HRD.

Training Officer Kelly

Kelly joined Northstar in 2022. She organizes and coordinates weekly trainings.

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