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Sponsor A K-9

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Sponsor a Dog

Purchase a K9 for Northstar Search and Rescue. We will match you with a handler that in need. Sponsorships start at $3,000 for a K9 pup with no training. $10,000 for a single purpose(i.e. Human Remains, Tracking, Area search), to $15,000+ for a dual- purpose (i.e. Human Remains – land and water, Tracking, Area, Evidence).

Here is what you will get for sponsoring a dog:

1. Name the K9
2. Observe a training session
3. Volunteer to be a hider for K9 Team
4. Meet and greet with your sponsored K9 and Handler
5. Updates on your sponsored K9

Please contact if you are interested in becoming a K9 sponsor.

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