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At Northstar Search and Rescue, we provide highly trained canines and other resources that law enforcement agencies and communities can count on when people go missing.

Your support connects our community with law enforcement, EMS, military and nationally trained search and rescue personnel with programs that build a stronger working core to get the job done. Your generosity keeps our services free, our success ratio high, and our services are available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sponsor a K-9! Make a donation to Northstar Search and Rescue! Join other individuals, families, schools and companies in sponsoring a Northstar K-9! 

Consider a planned gift! Please contact us to see what our wish list needs are! We would be happy to discuss ideas with you! 

Workplace giving! There are many ways your employer can partner with Northstar Search and Rescue to help provide materials, services, or financial aid.

Your contribution to Northstar Search and Rescue is tax deductible. For further details on charitable giving and additional ways to donate to Northstar Search and Rescue, contact or call one of our command staff at (877) 727-5911.

If you are interested in making an electronic financial contribution today, please click on the "Donate" button found below!


We appreciate your generosity! 

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