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Chief Diane & K9 Deacon

Diane Butterfield has been involved with Search and Rescue since 2003, and Chief of Northstar SAR since 2010.  She and her K-9 partner, Deacon are certified in HRD and Tracking/Trailing. 

Deputy Chief Ross & K9 Taboo

Deputy Chief Ross Butterfield has been involved with Northstar Search and Rescue since 2011. His pup Taboo is training to be dual purpose K9 and certifying as a Tracking/Trailing & HRD. 

Heath & K9 Sophie and Cinder 2017.JPG

Captain Heath and K9s Cinder and Sophie

Heath is certified with K-9 Cinder in Tracking/Trailing and K-9 Sophie in HRD.


Captain Joan & K9s Scout and Astor

Joan joined Northstar in 2018. Her K9 Scout is training in Tracking/Trailing and her K9 Astor is certified in HRD.


Sergeant Lisa & K9 Thunder

Lisa Meadows is SAR Tech II certified and a handler for K9 Thunder. She has a B.S. in meteorology and provides forecasts for Northstar training and searches.


Kjerstin & K9 Rose

KJ joined Northstar in 2019 and her K9 Rose is certified in HRD.

Sergeant TJ

Captain TJ joined Northstar in 2020 as a Certified Field Tech.  TJ is also a certified diver.


Nick & K9s Liberty and Hope

Nick joined the team in 2019 and his K9s Hope and Libby are certified in HRD.


Andrea & K9 Oliver

Andrea joined Northstar Search and Rescue in 2020. Her K9 Oliver is certified in Tracking/Trailing.

Patti & K9 Renegade

Patti joined in 2021 and her K9 Renegade is certified in Tracking/Trailing.


Missy joined the Team in 2021 as a Certified Field Tech and also proficient at Base Ops

Rick & K9s Ellie and Koosah

Rick joined in 2022 and he is a Certified Field Tech.  His K9 Ellie is certified in Area Scent Detection. His K9 Koosah is training in tracking/trailing.

Brooke & Laura & K9 Rosie

Brooke & Laura joined in 2022 and are bother Certified Field Techs as well as K9 Handlers. Their K9 Rosie is training for HRD.


Michelle joined Northstar in 2022 as a certified Field Tech

Training Officer Kelly

Kelly joined Northstar in 2022. She organizes and coordinates trainings.

Jim & K9 Asoka

Jim joined in 2023. He is a Certified Field Tech and K9 Handler. His K9 Asoka is training to be a dual purpose K9 in Tracking/Trailing and HRD.

Elijah & K9 River

Elijah joined in 2023.  His K9 River is training in Tracking/Trailing.

Nate & K9 Bennellie

Nate joined in 2023.  His K9 Nellie is training to be a HRD K9.

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